Amtrust Direct Bank 5.41% CD Rate

Amtrust Direct Bank is currently offering 5.41% APY CD rates on their 12 month account.

Founding during the late 1880s, Amtrust Direct had its beginnings in the year 1889. Heralded as one of the innovative leaders among today’s financial service companies, Amtrust Direct has simple beginnings as a single institution on Cleveland Ohio. At one time known as a single physical branch called Ohio Savings Bank; today Amtrust Direct has expanded due to acquisitions, mergers and the success of its business to offer the best certificate of deposit rates. In fact, today, Amtrust Direct has more than 15 billion dollars in assets – a tribute to the company’s solid growth and unsurpassable work ethic.

Amtrust Direct is the recipient of a long list of awards, all honoring the business ethics that the company stands by. Honored as a solid presence in the community as well as in the financial industry. Available through Amtrust consumers will find superlative financial offerings. The full services that Amtrust offers include an no fee e money market account, certificates of deposit, free Internet banking services, and more. Amtrust Direct is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and is the sole online division of the Amtrust Bank.

To apply for an account with the Amtrust Direct, applicants will require specific documentation. In addition to one’s social security number, a driver’s license or United States passport, an email address, beneficiary information, as well as other information. Amtrust Direct makes banking possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week via Internet access. In addition, Amtrust delivers relatively high interest rates on interest bearing accounts: passing unique money making opportunities onto its customers worldwide.