What Happens When a CD Matures?

Certificate of deposit maturity is the date upon which your CD account term ends. At this point, the bank will stop paying you your CD’s interest and you can get your money from the bank and do whatever you want with it.

The maturity date will rely on your decision as to when it will end and what interest rate your CD account should be locked in. Be careful on making your final decision when it comes to the maturity particularly if you are the type of investor who often seeks higher interest rates from other banks. The possibilities of early withdrawal are higher when you intend to profit in a short amount of time.

It is important to know if your money will profit right away even with a short term. Certificate of maturity works with both time and interest and playing your cards right will gain you profit.

CD Account Renewal Upon Maturity

In general, many banks will automatically renew or offer you to renew your CD account when it nears maturity. However, you need to know first if the current CD rates will be applied upon renewal.

Most banks that automatically renew CD accounts apply the previous rates, thus hindering the opportunity of the client to gain more profit. You should be careful of your CD’s maturity to prevent the bank from automatically renewing your account. You can get better interest rates from other banks when you regain control of your money after maturity.

You can definitely transfer your money to another bank if deemed necessary. It is yours to take but only after maturity. Do not let your money or yourself be controlled by the bank, instead, take the initiative to work out a plan to gain more profit out of out CD account.

Monitoring Your CD’s Maturity

It is only imperative that you monitor your certificate of deposit’s maturity. No one can do it for you, especially not the bank. The only thing they can do to help you with it is send you notifications about your account’s maturity as this is required under Regulation DD.

If you have an online account, it is easier to check once in a while. For offline accounts, you can always call or talk to a bank representative.

It is best if you take the necessary steps in monitoring your certificate of deposit’s maturity. Knowing beforehand the date of the maturity will be beneficial to you and your money. Just always keep in mind that the bank can only send notifications and if you fail to renew or remove your funds, the bank will keep your money locked-in again under the same rate at a given term.

A certificate of deposit’s maturity is crucial for the growth of your money. It is important that you choose the best term and interest rate to allow profit. But there are circumstances that could force you to withdraw your money prior to maturity. This could hurt your funds drastically through penalties.

If you want to play it safe with your CD’s maturity, try to invest with a shorter term just in case.